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Our company was founded on the idea of helping companies in need. We do not push any services unless we truly believe it can help the organization and it's employees. Foremost, we want to help solve business problems.  To do this, we try to identify the painpoints as well as the critical areas within each business where there is the most room for improvement with the least amount of cost.  Usually this requires us to dig deep into data and analyze performance.  


Some of the most common areas where improvement can be achieved is through:



Strategic Planning - the process of analyzing your current business, formulating goals/objectives for the future, and developing a roadmap to achieve them. 

  • What is your current market / market share?

  • How is your business and the market trending?

  • What is your future market / market share?

  • What are your short term and long term goals?

  • How are you going to achieve the “future” state of your business?



Marketing Strategy - the goal is to deploy resources (people, money, etc.) to the best opportunities to increase sales and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Target Market Analysis – Identify your current market as well as potential markets.  Who are your customers, what do they want, and how can you reach them…

  • Competitor Analysis – Identify your current (and potential) competitors.  Who are your competitors, what do they do well/poorly, what differentiates them…

  • Marketing Activities - Determine how you will reach your target market. And how you will make them realize that you are the ONLY logical choice.



Sales Strategy - the process of maximizing the conversion rate of leads into sales while maintaining synergy between the goals of the business and sales team.

  • Territory Optimization – The goal here is to maximize the output of each sales agent.  What skill sets are needed? What is the geographical impact? How are the products/services segmented?  Are there industry verticals that come into play?

  • Incentive Compensation Plans – These are formal plans to align the behaviors of the sales team with company goals and act as a motivational tool.

  • Sales Scripts – The better your sales pitch, the better your close rates.  Does saless highlight the proper selling points? How well do they modify their message?



Operational Efficiency - the ability to maximize business output with minimal resources or ability to do a task with the minimum amount of time and effort.

  • Cost Reduction (Time & Money) – What currently costs you the most time?  Can you do it more efficiently?  What currently costs you the most money?

  • Resource Allocation – Are your resources directly working toward increasing revenue?  Are you outsourcing and insourcing appropriately?

  • Employee Retention – What is your employee turnover?  Why are the employees leaving?  Is it in a specific division or role?  Are you hiring the right people?



Data, Data, Data...


The common thread that pulls nearly all business strategies together is data.  Business Intelligence is what transforms all of these data points into meaningful information and supports business decisions.  Do you have easy access to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will allow you to make informed business decisions and make your business thrive?



Kocur Business Solutions can help!

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